Kids are simple.
Yes. They want stuff. Electronics. Toys. Snacks. Trips. Camp. Events. To see and do cool things.
But when push comes to shove they want one thing more than anything else.

They want you to be available.
They want you to be present.
They just want you around.

They. Want. Your. Time.

So I can buy my kids anything in the world, take them on trips, let them eat snacks to their hearts content, but at the end of the day they just want me there to throw the ball around with them, to play a board game, to watch them go down the water slide, to eat dinner at the table together, to snuggle on the couch and to tuck them in at night.

It costs nothing and takes no effort. And that is the most valuable and precious gift you will ever give and you will ever get.

It’s also the one thing you don’t ever get back.

So use your time wisely.
Don’t spend it worrying about food, calories, your weight, being bloated, working out or skipping birthday cake because it’s not a ‘cheat day’. Use that time and use it well because you won’t ever get it back.

And it’s the best thing in life to enjoy. Time. It’s simple.

I’ve lost out on thousands of hours because I was in the washroom. Missing out on the smallest things but essentially the most valuable. Time with my kids.

For what? To be in the worst imaginable pain because I took hundreds of laxatives. To be so nauseous that I end up vomiting profusely.

For what?

Time at the park, ice cream shop visits, late night movies on the sofa and walks to school all gave me the same thing. Time. And happiness.

Time. Use it. You won’t get it back. Ever.


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