When You See It In Print

I received this from my current insurance provider.

Rob and I wanted to increase our policy terms. 


Manulife Financial # POSTPONED due to declared eating disorder history with ongoing treatment in combination with current measured build. Will reconsider in 2 years after treatment has been completed, fully recovered, and weight maintained within normal range during this time, provided there are no adverse changes in her insurability.


Sunlife #  – DECLINED due to build and declared eating disorder history. Unlikely Sunlife will be able to reconsider in the future. Your original quote was: $54.45 monthly.


Apparently if you smoke or drink they will cover you.  But if you have an Eating Disorder you don’t get coverage.

Seeing it in print – knowing yet again I have been declined for something makes me sad.  Fuck this.  It’s hard to know that they see me as a burden. As someone that shouldn’t be covered because I am a risk to them.

I am a risk to me.

I’ll show ’em.


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