You can change someone’s life in the blink of an eye

Many of you know this story.

Many of you don’t know this story.

On July 16, 2015 my husband Rob was driving downtown.  It was late.  It was dark”ish”.  He noticed something out of the ordinary as he was passing over a bridge.  A young woman was standing on the ledge, ready to jump.  Many people would have to stop and think about how to react in this situation.  Rob didn’t hesitate.  He pulled over, ran across the fast moving traffic and approached her.

He said she reminded him of me.  Her body was frail and she was very petite.  He tried to talk to her, but she didn’t respond.  She had clearly made up her mind that today was the day she would end her life.  And Rob had clearly made up his mind that today was the day that he would not let her end her life.  By this time, some other people had stopped and 911 had been called.  Rob conintued to talk to her.  We never discussed what he said to her.  I never asked – he never told me.  What I do know is that someone is alive today because Rob did what we all should.  Have each other’s back.  Be kind to one another (as Ellen DeGeneres says every single day).

We found out later that she was on a day pass from the North York General Psychiatric Ward.  She woke up that day with the intent of dying.  Of ending her life.  Of jumping off a bridge and having the police call her family, friends, next of kin to tell them that she committed suicide.

None of those things happened.  Because of Rob.

She may have wanted the help but didn’t know it.  She may not have wanted the help and was pissed off that Rob intercepted her plan.

But with the right help, she will learn that on July 16, 2015 she had an angel looking out for her.  And he was driving a blue jeep with the licence plate KRYP2NTE.  So, maybe not an angel, but definitely a superhero.



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