Your face is glowing, but you are fat (or am I?)

We rented a box at The Rogers Centre for my dad’s 70th birthday.  It was so much fun.  Being with my family is my favourite thing in the world.  They are loving, supportive and have been there for me always and forever.

My aunt came with as well (she’s not technically my aunt, but her and my mom have been friends for a zillion years so she’s as close to being my aunt as anything).  She is also like a second mother to me.

My dad told me afterwards that she noted how I look like I have put on weight.  That I look healthier, better, more like me.

For a quick second, I panicked – because that was the Eating Disorder.  It literally was a second.  After that I thought – yes I have.  And listen to the rest of her sentence – look healthier – better – more like me.  There is more good than bad that comes out of me putting on weight.  It’s not getting fat – it’s getting well.  I WILL NOT LET ED CONVINCE ME THAT PUTTING ON WEIGHT MAKES ME BECOME FAT!  Sorry ED, you don’t get to win this time.

A couple nights ago I went out with my best friend for a belated birthday celebration.  I asked her if she can tell that I’ve put on weight.  Her answer: “Something is different.  Your face is glowing.  There is a different look to you.  You are glowing.”

So, I’ve put on weight (I’m not fat ED – you hear me!) and am glowing.  Those are good things right?!


Better than the alternative.

You are bone thin, your eyes are puffy, your hair is falling out, your face is sunken in, your veins are protruding from your arms, you have bags under your eyes and you generally look like garbage.

Hmmmm, I think I’ll keep glowing.


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