To The Bone Review

Thoughts are things. What you think about is what you bring about so be careful what you think about”.


I watched the movie TO THE BONE on Netflix.

I was anxious to see it.

Here is my take on it – in a nutshell.

The Good

  1. It was nice to see that Eating Disorders got some well deserved exposure.
  2. The main character played her role very well.  She was soft spoken, cared about her family and was endearing.
  3. It was odd to see Keanu Reeves playing this role – but I did enjoy watching him.
  4. It was great that the patients were not all anorexic, but had a variety of illnesses.
  5. The relationship Ellen had with her stepmom was terrific.  It was nice to see the support she had from her and her step sister.  Realistic and honest.


The Bad

  1. This should be a series.  There is so much depth to an Eating Disorder that trying to squeeze it all in 90 minutes doesn’t do the illness justice.
  2. The main character was too cooperative.  There was very little resistance which is something very common when people try to help those suffering.
  3. The movie does not focus much on the disorder.  It shows a lot of relationships and just as you get to the know the characters – the movie is over.  As someone who has suffered for over 20 years, I felt that they did very little to illustrate the psychological aspect of an eating disorder.
  4. Meal time is absolutely and utterly unrealistic.  In any treatment facility, the patients would never be allowed to eat food unsupervised and to take whatever portions they want (especially on their first day!).
  5. Rooms are constantly checked and inspected in treatment facilities, so the fact that one of the patients has a “bag of barf” in her room is something that would never, ever happen.


The Ugly

It’s sad that a movie had to be made about this, but the reality is, that the disorder exists. There is a huge stigma around it and more people need to know about it.  They say Eating Disorders has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses, yet it gets very little acknowledgement and there is very little help available.  So the fact that this has brought some awareness to eating disorders is good.  Sad but good.


If you saw it, I would be curious to hear your views.


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