Your Life Can Change In An Instant

My body continues to fight.  It hasn’t given up on me.  Yet.  I need to take care of me, every, single day.

I received this email yesterday.  Sometimes life happens and puts things into perspective:

This was from my son’s baseball coach.

  1. Sunday – Hey, Just wanted to keep you posted. XXXXX is not well. She’s in the Trauma Neurosurgery ICU. There is a tumour in the 3rd ventricle of her brain that’s blocking the cerebrovascular fluid from draining causing massive pressure. It seems to have caused some damage because she has shown symptoms of decorticate posturing. The surgeons are first draining the fluid through EVDs (extra ventricular drains) on both sides of her head. Once the fluid drains it should reduce the pressure on the brain and then they will clearly identify what the tumour looks like and if they can remove it. She has the best possible care. This will come as a shock to all of you as it has to us but we are trying to stay positive and praying. She is currently under heavy sedation and will be until the pressure reduces. I may not be able to respond to all of your good wishes but am definitely asking for your positive thoughts and prayers. She is the strongest woman I know and if there is anyone that can win this battle it’s her and I know she will!
  2. Tuesday morning – She had a stable night. One of the senior surgeons has looks at the MRI and confirmed that it’s a cyst. They will wait for the radiologist report and then the surgeon will meet with us to discuss the next step. I expect that as long as the culture report comes negative they will proceed for surgery as soon as possible. Even today is a possibility. She’s of the sedation completely since 6:00 am and they plan to keep her off it. Today could be the day she wakes up! 🤞🏼
  3. Tuesday afternoon – I asked her to squeeze my hand if she could hear me and she did!!!! The doctor asked her to wiggle her toes and she did. Child 1 and Child 2 went and saw her by themselves and she opens her eyes, tried to talk but started coughing and went back to sleep. She’s breathing on her own and they are going to remove the ventilator in the next 20 minutes. She’s off sedatives which I have been pushing for since yesterday. Some painkillers but very minimum. They are injecting the dye to get her vein map and start preparing for surgery. This is the power of your prayers. Thousands of people all over the world are praying for her! Please keep it going
  4. Wednesday morning – She had a peaceful night. I said good morning to her and she opened her eyes for 1 second and mouthed good morning back and waved her right hand. Then I said to her – it’s me babe and she squeezed my hand with her left hand without me asking her for it. The nurses switch at 7:00 so when I was leaving I asked -“do u want to see the kids?” She mouthed yes and I asked her to nod and she did. I said I’ll be back and she mouthed ok. They haven’t got a time for the scan or the surgery yet and she still has the ventilator in her but she’s breathing on her own so I’m hoping they will remove the ventilator early today. 🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽

XXXXX is in the great care of St. Michael’s hospital and supported by her loving family.

She is such a strong person, beautiful both inside and out.  Vibrant, outgoing, personable, loving, loyal to her family and a wonderful friend.

Her life changed in an instant.  Just like that, her normal became hell.  She is fighting for her life.  Fighting for her kids.  Fighting for her family.  But most of all, fighting for herself.  To live.

I am praying that gd gets her through this and gives her the strength to get well and recovered to be home with her loved ones.

Remember, your life can change in an instant.  Live each day being happy, loving those around you, but most of all – love yourself.  Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than your health.  Physically and mentally.  Take care of both.


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