A Lesson From A 6 Year Old

My son broke his elbow and required surgery four weeks ago.  He had three pins put in and a full arm cast that went from his fingers to his shoulder.
He didn’t complain once.  Not once.
He told me his arm was beginning to smell during the last few days, but that’s about it.
His summer plans changed.  His daily activities were altered.  Bathing became a challenge.  He had to forfeit his spot on the baseball team he had signed up for and he wasn’t able to write or use his right hand for everything he was use to.
He didn’t complain once. Not once.
I never thought a 6 year old would teach me one of the most valuable lessons in life.
Life is about taking what you have and appreciating all of the good things about it.
He got a lot of attention.  He got to each lunch in the school office with a friend.  His brothers helped carry his bag to class.  Teachers helped him work on assignments.  Mom and Dad helped him at mealtime.  Everyone that came into contact with Cooper, told him how brave he was and commented on his positive attitude and outlook.
He could’ve been miserable.  He could’ve complained.  But he didn’t.  He saw the lemons and made lemonade.  He doesn’t realize what he did or the impact he had on so many people but is smile lit up the room everywhere he went and everyone was amazed with his strength.
I have an Eating Disorder.  I can focus on it and be upset, angry, sad, miserable and isolate myself from everyone.  Or I can look at the great things in my life and focus my attention on that.  Not only does it make everyone around you feel good, it makes you feel good.  When you think positive thoughts, you feel positive and happy.  Thoughts turn into action.  So by thinking about how awful a situation I am in with my illness my actions will support that by taking laxatives, purging and restricting.  But if I look at the amazing family and friends I have and the wonderful life I have been given I will live my life with energy, happiness and enjoy each minute.
Thoughts turn into action.
Cooper thought only positive thoughts and got through four weeks with a full arm cast in a positive way.
I have an Eating Disorder. My thoughts have been that I will have it forever.  So that will turn into me having it forever.  I have to think that I won’t have it forever.  I will beat it.  I will crush it.  I will destroy it.  And that will turn into the actions that I should be acting on.

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