You don’t get to choose many things:

  1. How tall you are.
  2. Your eye colour.
  3. Your skin colour.
  4. Your religion.
  5. The build of your body.

Wait, yes, you do have choices.  The above five things are how you are born.  But, you can change them.  You can wear heels to make yourself taller.  You can buy contacts to give yourself blue eyes.  You can go the the tanning salon to make yourself darker.  You can convert to a different religion.  You can have plastic surgery and change most things about your body.

So you have lots of choices in life.

But the most important choice is how you treat yourself.

Many outside factors come into play, but at the end of the day, you decide what you do with those things and how you live your life.

They say what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.  Although we would all love everything to always be positive and run smoothly, we know that’s not true.  We are faced with challenges and obstacles in life.  And this is when we choose.  Choose right from wrong. Choose good from bad.  Choices.

I was presented with a huge challenge.  A mental illness.  I didn’t choose it, it chose me.  It entered my life and fucked it over royally.  But,  I have a choice.  What do I do with it?  How do I treat myself?

The choices I have made for 20 years have been awful.  I have allowed it to continue to be a part of my life and I have treated myself like a piece of shit.  This Eating Disorder gave me the permission to do that.

So, I decided to take control.  I choose to get better.  I choose to live my life.  I choose not to have my three kids bury their mother.

Choices.  We are presented with them every day.

We don’t always choose what we are given, but we choose how we deal with them.

And most importantly, we choose how we take care of ourselves.  That, is the most important choice you will ever make.  If you are happy everyone around you will be happy.  I’ve said that about my recovery when people tell me to do it for my family, my kids, my friends…..I have said, once I am recovered, everyone around me will reap the benefits.

Choose to take care of yourself.  Every.  Single.  Day.  You deserve it and you have earned the right to be happy.


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