Jumping to conclusions

My stomach is bloated.  I’m going to be like this forever.

I’ve put on weight.  I’m fat.  I’m gross.  Everyone is looking at my stomach.

Might as well just give in.  Laxatives will relieve that pressure and make me feel better.

No – no it won’t!

Jumping to conclusions is one of the worst things you can do while in recovery.  But it is a natural part of recovery.

Giving in is always easier.  When you are use to doing what you do – you find solace in just giving up the fight and convincing yourself of the wrong choices.  Because it seems to be the easier option.

You get into constant arguments with yourself and jump to conclusions without thinking logically.  I am smart.  I know better.  But ED is the part of my brain that tries to get me to jump to stupid conclusions.

Bloat is the most difficult part of recovery.

Here you are, trying to recover from an Eating Disorder.  Your fear is weight and yet when you recover, the weight gets put all in the one area that makes you feel the most awful.  But it’s normal.  It is what happens.  Your body is trying to store every ounce of nutrition you eat and it ends up in your stomach.  That is where the majority of your  organs are when related to eating.

Folks, it does get redistributed eventually.  I have to remind myself of this.  I have to remind myself that eventually it won’t all rest in my stomach.  I won’t have to wear leggings forever.

Jumping to conclusions is the worst thing you can do because jumping to conclusions leads to poor decisions.  It’s important to stop, think and be logical.  Not only with an Eating Disorder – but always.


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