Learning To Walk

It’s very hard to ignore your urges.

To eat the box of Oreos.  To take a box laxatives.  To vomit because you feel too full.  To exercise for hours because of such guilt for what you ate last night.

But you do have a choice.

You don’t have to act on them.

You get to decide what you do with the urges.  You need to step back, take 5 minutes to remind yourself of what you know and how you know you will feel if you do act on them.  A lot of people give in to temptation and say that they will just start over tomorrow.  But it will never, ever be just one more time.  Tomorrow will never come.  Tomorrow is a vicious cycle and a merry go round that you won’t ever get off.  You need to stop at that moment and let the urge pass.  I have said a million times that it will be one more time.  And I really know that I don’t mean that.  One more time is an invitation to continue.  If you don’t stop – the disease won’t stop.

My set back two weeks ago.  When I caved into the temptation I felt awful.  Like a complete and utter failure.  But I have learned that I also need to stop beating myself up for set backs.

Imagine your child is learning to walk.  They get up, take 5 steps and fall down.  What do you do?  Tell them to give up?  Tell them they failed? Throw your hands up in the air and tell them it’s not worth the effort?

No!  You praise them for what they have achieved and encourage them to continue trying.  And that is what I do.  If I was able to go a certain amount of days without taking and have a setback, I encourage myself to get even further next time.  You have to be your biggest cheerleader.

So, take those tiny baby steps and keep learning how to walk.



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