Happy Father’s Day

Great day with the family.

It’s been two weeks today since my slip up.

Can’t say it hasn’t been hard.

But, also….can’t say it hasn’t been great not to be curled up on a washroom floor in agonizing pain.  So, I need to look at both scenarios and decide which I want more.  Do I want to feel a little bit bloated and uncomfortable or do I want to spend 24-48 hours making countless trips to the washroom, being in excruciating pain, potentially throwing up from severe nausea and missing out on moments with my kids.  What do I want?

On June 27th, I’m participating in a study at NYGH which is looking at treatment available to adults suffering with Eating Disorders.  I told the woman it will be a short interview.

“Why do you say it will be short?”

My answer: “Because there is no help!”

She laughed and said she looks forward to my feedback.

I was also interviewed by a journalist from Better Health. I asked how she found my name.  She was doing research on Eating Disorders in adults over 40 (that is what her article is about) and came across my blog.

All of these things make me feel great that my voice is being heard.  I just need to make sure my actions support my voice.



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