Don’t assume things

I was at The Promenade Mall getting Cooper some noodles in the food court.  As I went to pay, the woman behind the cash said ‘Oh (as she ran her hands down her body), I need to loose weight to look like you. See this fat?” (She grabbed her stomach to show me her ‘rolls’).

Very firmly and somewhat annoyed I told her she didn’t need to loose weight. She continued to tell me she did.

I said “Trust me, it isn’t worth it.  Smile and be happy with who you are.  I think you are beautiful.”

Her response “Really?  Okay. Thank you for that.”

Sometimes it’s all people need to hear.

It just makes me sad that people think that loosing weight will somehow change their lives. Make them happier. We have taught ourselves that the smaller we are, the happier we will be.  I am living and breathing proof that size really doesn’t matter. I am not happier now. When I was 20lbs heavier I was actually happier because my mind wasn’t focused on weight and food. It was focused on living.

So don’t assume that because I weigh less than you that I am better off. Don’t ever assume anything about anyone. You never know what demons they are fighting. And what demons they have fought to get where they are.



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