Why am I looking for a role model?

I’ve been searching and searching and searching for someone to inspire me.  To motivate me.  To be my mentor and role model.

I follow tons of people on Instagram, facebook and YouTube.  Always searching for that one person who will change my life.

I was watching some of my usual videos today and as I was scrolling through different people it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Or as Doctor Emmett Brown would say “Like a bolt of lighting.”

I have the perfect person who can, should and will be my role model.  My knight in shining armour.  My hero. My superstar.

And the funny thing is that they have been right under my nose all this time.

ME!  Why don’t I be my own role model.  Why do I have to look for someone else to inspire me, when I’m working my ass off to get better and get my life back again.  I have inspired others, so why the hell can’t I inspire myself??!!!

So, I vow to be my own inspiration.  I am going to be my own role model.  I am going to show ED what I am capable of and how I will continue to guide myself back to health and happiness.

I am proud of me.


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