My three role models

We are suppose to be role models to our kids.  Set good examples for them and teach them right from wrong.

The funny thing is, that I often find I’m learning from my kids.  They are my inspiration and show me many things I should know, many things I preach but many things I don’t practice.

They don’t give a shit.  They enjoy every single minute of their lives.  They don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, next month or three months from now.  They live in the moment.

Sure, they have days when they are frustrated, annoyed, sad, tired, upset or hurt.  But overall their days are filled with happiness, new experiences, joy, thrills, enjoyment, new adventures and smiles.

I always watch them at meal time.  It’s quite cute actually.  Here are three humans that sit down at the table and say what are we eating for breakfast/lunch or dinner?  No requests, no demands – they accept what I’m making for them and eat it with happiness and without any thoughts or concerns. They aren’t thinking that it will make them fat.  They aren’t thinking that it will make them bloated.  They aren’t thinking that because they are having something fried tonight they should eat healthier tomorrow.  Lucky for them, it’s my job to make sure they eat well balanced meals.  And even luckier for them, they don’t look at food the way I look at food.  They eat it because they enjoy it.

And it’s stupid.  So dumb.  It’s just food.

The hard part about an Eating Disorder, as I’ve said in the past is that it’s everywhere and it’s a necessity.  As much as I know how ridiculous it is to be so focused and wrapped up in everything I eat, I have no choice.  I need to eat it to live.  And I should eat it to enjoy every single bite.  Just like my kids.  My role models.

The more you focus on something and the more you worry about something, the bigger the problem becomes.  Someone with an Eating Disorder clearly hates and worries about food.  But ironically enough it is all they think about.  All day, every day.

When you stop worrying so much, the problem gets smaller.

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