Don’t let life happen for you

Let life happen to you, not for you.

My Eating Disorder has made life happen to me and not for me.

Think about it for a minute.

When you live your life, make your own decisions and enjoy every single minute of life,  you are allowing life to happen to you.

When a mental illness takes over your life, it makes the decisions for you, steals every single minute of your day.  You are giving it the power to make your life happen to you.

I refuse to give a person, a thing, a feeling a moment or anything else permission to dictate how my life will happen.

I want to decide.  I want to be happy when I’m happy.  I want to be excited when I’m excited.  I want to be sad when I’m sad.  I want to make all of those decisions.  That is allowing me to let my life happen to me because I’m living it.

Otherwise ED is living my life and making it happen to me.

No thanks ED.  I’m going to decide what happens when, where, why and because I said so.

I will live my life for me.


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