I Deserve To Eat Because I Worked Out

Um, pardon?

But – yes, people say that.

If you work out you feel entitled to eat that cookie or those chips or hell even a candy bar.

That is not why you should work out.  Fitness should be a part of your life but it should not dictate and give you permission to “treat” yourself.

Working out should be a tool to be happy and healthy.  Not to give yourself the right to eat something that you  normally wouldn’t if you didn’t work out.  That turns into disordered eating.  Workout because you want to.  Eat the cookie because you want to.  Don’t relate the two and use it as a pass to allow yourself to indulge in something you normally wouldn’t eat.

I hear it all too often when I’m at the gym.

“I ate like shit last night and have to work it off.”

“I am going out tonight for my birthday so I have to burn off some serious calories.”

Disordered eating.  Disordered way of thinking.

That’s the beginning or the middle of an Eating Disorder.  It’s disordered.  It’s not normal.  That is not what we are suppose to do, how we are suppose to think or the way we are to act.

Workout to be healthy.  Eat to be healthy.  Most importantly – eat to enjoy.  It’s a cookie.  It’s a piece of cake.  One day out of the 365 days you are living each year will not change because you ate a chocolate bar or a bag of chips.

One thing I can guarantee – if you let go of the disordered thinking – you really will enjoy it.

I was always doing that with peanut butter.  My guilty pleasure.  I would only “allow” myself to have it, if I had worked out or ate less that day.  WTF.  It’s peanut butter.

I let go of that thinking and funny enough don’t want to over indulge myself and get to a point where I just eat more than I really want.  Binging.  Yes.  That’s what happens when you restrict.

So, by eating peanut butter because I want to – I do, I enjoy and when I’m done – I’m done.

I don’t run to the gym to do some squats to burn it off.

This is one stage of recovery.  Learning not to put so much pressure on food and eating.  When you have an Eating Disorder you spend most of the day thinking about food, planning meals and deciding when and where you will eat.

I’ve been trying so hard to let go of this mentality and focus on what is important in life.



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