Za Memories

That youtuber Jenn Bretty has a video that was so amazing and made perfect sense.

She talked about not wanting to have a piece of pizza because you are too afraid to eat it.

In 5 years will you remember how many calories you ate because of that pizza?  Probably not.  Actually, most definitely not.  What you will remember is not eating the piece of pizza.

Those moments that you give up because you are “too afraid” won’t matter tomorrow, next week, in a month or a year.  What will happen is that you will remember what you gave up, what you missed and what you lost out on.  It’s sad really.  In the moment you are so concerned and wrapped up in the calories you are eating and the food you allow and restrict but don’t realize that after the fact you won’t even remember the calories, fat content or amount of carbs you consumed.  You will remember what you didn’t do and didn’t enjoy.

Are those the memories you want to create?


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