What does “Get Back On Track Mean?”

You go away on vacation and don’t eat like you normally do.

You go to a party and eat some chips, cakes and other goodies.

You go out for dinner and load up on carbs.

It’s your birthday and you drink a few glasses of wine and have some cake.

So the next day you tell yourself you are going to get yourself back on track?!  What track?  Why are you getting back on track?

That is your way of telling yourself that what you did the night/week/day before was bad.  It wasn’t good for you.  It’s not something you should do.  It’s not something you deserve to do.

That’s not true at all.  Why not just look at it as an experience you enjoyed, deserved and move on from there.  Why are you “punishing” yourself by getting “back on track”.  What does that track look like anyways?  Counting calories?  Tracking macros?  Eating only two meals a day?  Not eating when you are hungry because you ate too much the day before?  Having a salad because you had too much bread the day before so you need to lay off?

That track sounds awful.  Why would you want to get back on it?

Why do we have this vision of what eating is suppose to look like?

Just listen to your body.  When you are hungry eat.  When you are full stop.  If you want a chocolate bar – have it.  When you respond to your cues, you will find your body will trust you and you will trust your body.

Get off that track.  Live off the track.



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