A set back. Almost

Last night I was sooo bloated.  Sooo full. Incredibly uncomfortable. My stomach was bulging and I felt awful.

I wanted the feeling to disappear. I knew how to make that happen in an instant.

But I sat myself down and had a chat with ED.

  1. I am going to trust my body. I won’t be bloated forever. Give it time. Let dinner digest. And watch your body work its magic. I am going to trust my body.
  2. If I took laxatives (which would be a lot, making me sick most of the day and likely interfering with my son’s first baseball game of the season tonight), he, nor I will remember or give a fuck that I was bloated. He (my son) and I will remember that I missed his first game of the season. That is reason enough. No questions asked. No further debate.

ED. You didn’t win last night. I did. And I felt great. I slept well and can’t wait to go to Tyler’s game tonight to cheer on #26. A much better way to spend the night than being at home, lying on the washroom floor.


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