I have to pee…nah, never mind.

We are told to listen to our body.  Respond to the cues.  If you are hungry…eat.  If you are full…stop.

Sounds easy enough but we don’t do this.

“I already ate lunch an hour ago.  I’m not going to have a snack now.”

Why aren’t you listening to your body?  Why aren’t you having a snack?  Why are you sabotaging yourself?

Let’s look at this a different way.

You have peed twice today.  You have to pee again.  Would you tell yourself that you are not allowed to pee because you have already gone twice?  Would you say I’m only peeing three times today, because more than that is too many?  Would you not listen to your body?  Would you sabotage yourself?  Likely no.

So why not fuel yourself and answer your body’s cues when it comes to food?  Why are you punishing yourself for wanting what it needs?

Pee if you have to pee.

Eat if you have to eat.

It’s simple.  Let’s not complicate it.  And let’s give ourselves what we need and what we deserve.


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