Mom, are you okay in there?

The other night I was in the washroom.

Adam knocked on the door.

“Mom, are you okay in there?”

The sound of his voice was shaky and nervous.  Maybe his voice was perfectly normal but I heard it differently because of all of the times I’ve lied to him.

Are you okay in there?  My 8 year old son is asking his 42 year old mom if she is okay in the washroom.  He correlates the bathroom with me not feeling well.  Even after he has told me numerous times that I’m not in the washroom as much as I use to be he still sees the washroom as my go to place when I don’t feel well.

I was in the bath.  Having an enjoyable bubble bath.

I didn’t want to tell him that.  I’ve told him that before.  I’ve told him I’ll be out in 5 minutes and ended up staying in there for hours.

I covered my body with bubbles.

“Adz, come in.  Open the door.”

He came in and smiled.

“Mom, you look funny in the bath.”

“I’ll be out in 5 minutes Adz, just enjoying a bubble bath.”

He left happy.

I was out in 5 minutes.  I was happy.


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