The Thornhill Liberal and my non-existent “aha” moment

I met with a journalist from The Thornhill Liberal yesterday.  She interviewed me and brought a photographer who snapped some pics of me.

We discussed the angel of the story.  She said it would be more of a personal story instead of it being factual.  One of the things we discussed in length is the lack of resources in York Region for people with Eating Disorders.  And the lack of resources for people in their 40’s.  I told her my story, shared some personal experiences and said that my goal at the end of all of this was to be a voice.  Be someone that can motivate and help people get to recovery and get through recovery.

She did ask when I had my aha moment.  I was honest.  I haven’t had it.  I said I’m still waiting.  I’ve had many times when I hit rock bottom and should’ve used those as my aha moments but ED continues to be a loud voice.  HOWEVER.  I said, although I haven’t had that aha moment – I am forcing myself into recovery.  I have a choice and as I said in my speech, my choice is to recover and live or have an Eating Disorder and die.  I don’t want my aha moment to be me lying in a hospital bed on a feeding tube or hooked up to a breathing machine.  That is not an option.  So, I continue to fight.  My aha moment will be when I win.  When I beat ED.  When I am able to be recovered and remember what living is like.

I’m working on it.


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