Why did I get a bracelet that says trust?

One very important thing I have read from people in recovery is how they constantly say “Trust Your Body.”  I never really believed it.  But when I gave it some thought, it makes perfect sense.  How can I not trust something that I have tortured for over 20 years and has not given up on me?  How can I not trust it?  It has always been there for me through the absolute worst moments of my life.

Going through recovery means side effects that suck big time.  The most difficult are the pains and bloating.  Two things that make someone suffering with an Eating Disorder sooooo incredibly uncomfortable.  But these people I have followed say “Trust your body.  It will work itself out.  It won’t be painful forever.  You won’t be bloated forever.”

So, in those moments when I feel horrible and on the verge of giving in, I remind myself to Trust.  And would you believe – the feelings eventually pass.  I trusted my body and it gave me back what I needed.  As always.

This bracelet will be a constant reminder to me that I can get through the hard moments when I feel like my body is about to implode.  Trusting it is certainly better than torturing it.  So I will trust.  Trust my body.  I owe it at least that much.

Thank you to my dear friend Alli for this wonderful gift.




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