It’s enough already! Oh wait, I’m doing the exact same!

As you know I love watching YouTube videos and following people on Instagram. Some of these people are very meticulous and are big into fitness, nutrition, body building and overall health.  That’s great.  Some of them weigh each and everything they eat – even bringing scales with them wherever they go.

They will be at a family dinner and say “Ugh, I only wish I could eat that piece of pizza.”

It makes me want to reach into the screen and slap them across the face.

“What are thinking?  Of course you CAN eat that piece of pizza.  You are choosing not to.  And why not?  It’s Pizza.  Ridiculous.”

But than I sit back and think to myself – you moron.  You do the exact same thing.  You measure and you constantly justify what you CAN or CANNOT eat.  So I’m doing the same thing I’m telling them is ridiculous.

Why can’t they have a piece of pizza?  Because they are training for an event and need their body to be a certain way.  Okay – for them it makes sense.  One piece of pizza won’t change their body, but that is the lifestyle they have chosen.  My lifestyle is based on nothing.   My mind has been trained the wrong way.  It is not for health.  It is not for a positive goal.  It is not for any tournament.  It is for nothing.  N.  O.  T.  H.  I.  N.  G.

So, the next time I watch a video of a person counting, measuring and meticulously tracking their macros and rolling my eyes because I find it so nauseating, I will remember that I am doing the same thing.  And mine has no positive health benefits at all.  Quite the opposite.  The only thing coming out of it is a terrible mental illness called an Eating Disorder.


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