Men VS. Women

I’m not saying that men don’t struggle with Eating Disorders or have issues with their bodies.  But, research has proven that the majority of those that suffer with body image issues are women.  Maybe it’s because men don’t talk about it as much or maybe it’s just the way it is.

While I was away this weekend with my family, the above statement was proven true.

There was a waterpark at Nottawasaga Inn where we went for two days.  It was great.  The boys all had a blast.  Here are a few things I noticed while I sat on a chair taking in the enjoyment of my kids splashing about.  And I preface this by saying I am not comfortable in a bathing suit right now, because my last few experiences have not been positive.  Stares, people pointing and wondering why I look the way I look.  I shouldn’t care.  But I’m human.  I do.

  1. The majority of parents that were in the pool with their children were the dads.
  2. The majority of parents that wore a bathing suit were dads.
  3. Most of the moms were wearing cover-ups, shorts or t-shirts.
  4. The moms who were wearing bathing suits appeared to be uncomfortable.  Not all of them.  Again, don’t get me wrong – I’m not generalizing, but making an observation based on what I saw.
  5. The dads (as did the moms) bodies came in all shapes and sizes.  The dads didn’t seem to care if their beer belly was hanging over their suit.  They didn’t care if their stomachs jiggled when they jumped into the water.
  6. All of the kids didn’t give a shit if mom weighed 5lbs more than she “should”.  All of the kids didn’t care if mom didn’t have a “perfect” body.  All of the kids didn’t care if mom had some cellulite on her legs.  All of the kids were just thrilled to be spending time with mom.  The shape of her body was not something they even thought about.

It’s amazing how we put pressure on ourselves.  How we are so preoccupied with ourselves and think that other people are watching us, judging us, critiquing us when infact the only one doing that is ourselves.

Quite honestly, nobody gives a crap about your body but you.


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