I was watching a YouTube video of one of my subscriptions.  This is the dialogue she had:

During my diet I’m feeling hungry every day.

I’m trying to work out things to help with the hunger.

During the day I just get really, really hungry.  I’m trying to drink water, drink tea, drink coffee.  Just really keep drinking.  I find that it helps with hunger.

I find I’ve been super hungry these past few weeks and I know that being hungry comes with dieting.  You can’t expect not to be hungry and continue to loose weight.  I do need to have a certain level of hunger.  I just have to deal with it.

I have to find creative ways to deal with the hunger.

That made me angry.  I understand everyone has their own plans, their own goals and their own ways of dealing.  But if you are hungry you need to eat.  Diets don’t mean starving yourself do they?  Have an apple with peanut butter, have a yoghurt, have some nuts.  But drinking to deal with the hunger?  Am I wrong or is this sending the wrong message?

And she is a Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist.

To me, it just doesn’t seem right.


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