Life IS too short

I was watching one of my followers on YouTube and she said something that we know is true but sometimes don’t really absorb it.

Life is too short.

Your life is too short.

It’s all about time.

We don’t have the time in this life to worry.

You literally do not have the life to waste.  Especially with Eating Disorder struggles.  It’s taking life away from your life.  You need to make every single day and every single minute count.

It’s so true.  Often I will stop and ask myself what the fuck I am doing.  Why I’m wasting precious time wrapped up with this illness.  Every minute I act on it, every minute I engage in Eating Disorder behaviours and every minute I allow it to occupy time in my mind, I’m taking away time from my life.  Time that should be spent enjoying every single second of every single day.  Those hours spent in the washroom should’ve been spent with my family, my friends, my husband, my kids or just lying in the bath reading a book.  Not lying on the floor in agony because I had overdosed on laxatives.  That’s not the life I want.  That’s not the life anyone would want or anyone should ever live. It’s not a life.  That is a death sentence.  It’s one step away from being buried.

We get one life to life. Make sure you live it.  Every.  Single.  Moment.


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