Cheat on your spouse, not your diet

Okay, fine…I don’t recommend or condone cheating but it’s really just a metaphor.

I find it so odd when people say they have a cheat meal, cheat day or cheat snack.

What are you “cheating” on?  Yourself?  You aren’t cheating.  You are treating yourself.  No, wait.  You aren’t treating either.  You are living.  When we put so much focus on a special day, meal or food item we are limiting ourselves and putting such heavy restrictions on our body that we are setting ourselves up for something that usually doesn’t end the way we want it to.

The more you hold yourself back from something, the more you want it.  So instead of having one “cheat” meal a week – have that food you want when you want it and than you won’t be in a position to crave it so badly that you over indulge yourself to a point of guilt or that when you do eat it you don’t enjoy it the way you should.

Putting your daily nutrition under a microscope isn’t good.  It isn’t healthy for your mind.

I’m not telling you to go out and eat McDonald’s all the time.  I’m also not telling you to have ice cream and cookies every day.  I’m telling you to stop planning.  Stop convincing yourself that you are treating yourself to something.  That word isn’t good for you.  You are enjoying something that you deserve.  Food.  Delicious, yummy food.  The more you allow yourself something, the more you will enjoy it and put your mind at rest instead of putting so much thought into it being a very special thing.  Cake, cookies, sweets are to be enjoyed.  Not to be thought of as something that you reward yourself with.  Have it when you want it.  And stop cheating on yourself.


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