How dumb am I?

As I attempt the last leg of my journey to reach the finish line and overcome this huge hump in front of me, I have been trying to find someone to help hold me accountable.

Life coach. Dietician. Nutritionist. Therapist. Doctor. Personal trainer. Someone. Anyone. Hello?

But I am stupid. They all care. I’m sure. You pay them to care. My family and friends I know would do it in a heartbeat because they are all fantastic and amazing and genuinely care about my well being.

So I do have the resources available for me to be accountable to someone. But. The person I should be accountable to is….You guessed it. Myfuckingself. At the end of the day it is me and only me that knows the truth, knows what I’m capable of and can get inside my head to do the right thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I know professional help along the way is crucial, but I have to stop looking for someone else to hold me accountable. That’s a cop out.

Me and only me can do what’s best and right for me.  So instead of making excuses and kidding myself, stand tall and walk like a (wo)man and make yourself proud.  The lying and excuses and justification must end.


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