Am I Wrong?

Two people reached out to me to say I was making a mistake.

A bestie. And my husband.

They feel the woman I reached out to is not the right fit for me. Not the role model I need. She’s great and accomplished but perhaps not the right approach for me in this journey.

I get excited. I get inspired. I get motivated when I connect with others who promise me hope, help and recovery. And who knows, maybe they can give me all of those those things. But is it leading me down the right path?

When I read that back I’m happy to hear myself say I’m excited, inspired and motivated. Those feelings come from one person. From me. Only I can convince myself to feel those things, so I’m happy that I do.

I am torn. I have sent in my assessment. Now I wait for an invoice than she makes my exercise and meal plan.  What do I do?  How do I know what to do?

And BTW NV…Love you and your honesty.

Open to your feedback.


2 thoughts on “Am I Wrong?

  1. Good morning, Happy Monday.

    I had a quick look at her website… I can’t really comment on whether having a nutrition coach is the best fit for you right now, but especially if those fees are in US dollars, I would suggest another nutrition coaching company that a lot of my friends have had success with. They are Canadian. It’s called Working Against Gravity… it basically follows the IIFYM approach and while I believe the majority of their clients use them to lose weight, I am sure they would also design a program for you to gain slowly, while still feeling in control and eating foods you love.

    Aside from the whole macro thing, they are more around creating a healthy relationship with food, a healthy mindset, and overall well-being including exercise, sleep, and hydration, in addition to nutrition.

    Might be worth a look. All the best! 🙂


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