3 Weeks and Detox

I did it. Three weeks.

I know when I set my mind to something I can accomplish anything. It’s been a while since I’ve reached this milestone. At one month, I reward myself. Besides being healthy I will treat myself to something.

I don’t remember it being this hard from last time.

My body aches, I’m freezing, I’m tired. I’m anxious. My hormones are fucked. I’m emotional. I’m bloated. I’m constipated. I’m swollen.

Fuck. To think laxatives could make that all go away is tempting. VERY.

But I remind myself the one major thing that an ED will also give me. A death sentence.

So I continue to struggle but survive through the pain, especially the nights when it’s the hardest.  I have given myself another chance to live. I would be an idiot to give it up. And who knows, my body might just tell me it’s had enough and give up. So I fight as hard as I can to prove that I’m worth it.

I want to thank alove of you that have supported me and been there through my personal hell.  I am lucky to have each and every one of you in my life.  As Lisa slowly comes back, be patient – this is a scary process and I’m doing my best.

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