Lucky? Not!

I was in a change room last night.

“You are so lucky to be skinny.  You can probably eat whatever you want and never gain a pound.”

“That’s not true.  And trust me – I’m not lucky.”

“I wish I was that skinny.  Look how big my stomach is – you are probably a double zero.”

“There is nothing lucky about it.  Trust me.”

Two things I would love to have said:

  1. I am not lucky.  I am sick.  I have an illness.  A disease.  I.  HAVE.  AN.  EATING.  DISORDER.  I have been abusing laxatives for over 20 years.  I have been torturing my body, loosing out on precious moments, being physically ill for hours on end and denying myself a wonderful life that I deserve.
  2. How would your life improve if you were able to buy a size 6 instead of a size 8?  Would people like you more?  Would you get a promotion at work?  Would your kids want to spend more time with you?  Would your husband dote on you even more?  The answers are no.  Definitely not.  Nothing will change except the thoughts in your head.  And I’ll tell you, the thoughts in your head are a waste of time and energy.  Focus on where you are and not where you can be.  If you go your whole life chasing something you will never be able to get it, because it constantly becomes a moving target.  So I’m not lucky – I’m recovering.

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