I am a Peach Cobbler

My past entry discussed my “old friend” that I was chatting with the other night at a Shiva.

At the very end, I talked about a Peach Cobbler and some of the laughs we shared because of it.  Let me explain.

MF and I were setting up the sweet table and came across a 1/2, okay, probably 3/4 eaten peach cobbler.  It was on a lovely dish, but it had become quite liquidy and frankly – looked like shit.  We asked if we could throw it out, but because it was made by someone quite special we were told no.  It had to be served.

We now had a mission.  We were going to make this cobbler the hit of the dessert table.  MF wiped off all of the extra juice, I took some strawberries, raspberries and blueberries from the fridge and placed it all over the crumble.  We moved it around so it was more compact and didn’t look quite like vomit anymore.

Voila, it was a masterpiece.  But competing with the chocolate cookies, cakes and muffins we knew that our masterpiece was not going to be in high demand.

10 minutes later, we met at the dessert table and with astonishing gasps we were shocked that the peach cobbler was almost done.  It was the hit of the night!  Who would’ve thought?

Which brings me to something amazing that MF sent to me today after reading my blog:

Use our infamous peach cobbler as one of your new metaphors for life. You (and the right assistance) can turn anything, as shitty as it might appear, back into its original, beautiful form.  It just takes some hard work and determination.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and Don’t stop fighting. 

She couldn’t be more right.  I am a Peach Cobbler.


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