I was hanging out with an “old” friend last night at shiva.  We have known each other since high school and a mutual friend reconnected us again in recent years.  She was always a special person and I’m glad our paths crossed again.

We were chatting about everything and my Eating Disorder came up in an indirect kind of way.  It’s weird how I never have to say I have an Eating Disorder because people know about it either through my article, blog or those that have known me a while see the changes and put two and two together.

She asked how I was doing.  The million dollar question.

I was honest.  I’m not worse.  But I could be better.

She asked if I want to be recovered and get well to which again I was honest.


She said that is the first step and the biggest one.  And she’s right.  If I didn’t want to get better and wasn’t trying – that would suck and that would be a bigger problem than the disease.  So kudos to me.

She is in the medical field, so we were discussing the lack of resources available to people.  I told her about the pathetic wait lists.  She said, sadly she has often had to refer her patients to the emergency room in order to get them immediate treatment.  Sad but a smart option.

She also said something else that I appreciated.

She said you can’t get better for anyone other than yourself.  She understands it.  She gets it.

And I’ve said that all along.  When I get better for me, everyone wins.

Thanks for the chat last night MF.  And for working together to make a disgusting peach cobbler the hit of the dessert table!



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