Look at my fat belly

Cooper and Adam were in the shower last night.

I always find it amusing to watch them run around naked and laugh at each other.  Something about boys and nudity always makes them hysterical.

Cooper looked at his stomach and started poking it.  He said “Look at my fat belly.”


Nope, not in my house.

I never, ever talk about my body in front of the boys.  In fact, I am super careful about it and ensure that no negativity is ever said in their presence.  I know kids hear things at school, the playground and on TV – so I don’t blame myself for what Cooper said.  I would hate to think that it came from me.

He said it in a jovial way and not in a shameful way – but it all starts somewhere.

I told him how handsome, smart, funny, loving and sweet he is.  That he is a great brother, son, friend, cousin, grandson, student and people love him because he is a wonderful person.  I told him not to talk about his body – but to talk about who he is as a person because that is what’s important.

I asked him to tell me five great things about himself:

  1. He has lots of friends
  2. He is good at lego
  3. He draws pictures
  4. He asks  mommy how her day was
  5. He’s a good listener

I told him that is what you should think about when you think of Cooper.

I will drill it into their little brains for as long as I live.  The fat belly comment made me sad.  I hear it all too often from friends whose daughters are going through it now at such a young age and I’m mortified that this exists.


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