Is fat a feeling?


I started this post and deleted it.  Started again.

I was against people saying you can’t feel fat.  It’s not a feeling.  Even Facebook deleted it from their emoticons.

I believed you could feel fat.  I mean when you are bloated, your pants are tight and you have eaten enough to fill your belly you often feel fat.  But is fat what you are feeling?

Not really.

You feel full.  You feel bloated.

It isn’t fat that you are feeling.  It is discomfort in your body because of other emotions weighing your spirit down.  You ate something you feel “guilty” about so you say you feel fat.  You use it as an excuse for something you feel you did wrong.

Let’s take chocolate.  Most people’s guilty pleasure.  You try and abstain from eating a piece of chocolate cake at an office birthday party.  But it looks too good to pass up so you have a piece.  A piece.  A slice.  Not the whole cake.

Afterwards, instead of enjoying it, you talk about how fat you feel.

But you don’t feel fat, because you are not fat.  You feel guilt so you convince yourself that you are fat.  And you say it out loud so people know that you actually should have control.  It’s a form of emotional punishment.  That is essentially what you are doing to yourself.  Punishing yourself for enjoying something you like.  And telling yourself that you are fat – when you know you are not.  One item, one meal and one day cannot make you become fat.

Imagine your boyfriend, husband, friend, sibling telling you that you are fat after you ate a piece of cake.  I gather they wouldn’t be a very special person.  Who would do that to someone.  Yet, we do it to ourselves all the time.

Stop making excuses for doing what you enjoy and eating what you enjoy.  Don’t tell yourself you feel fat.  Tell yourself you really liked that piece of cake and feel happy, satisfied and move on.  You don’t deserve to abuse yourself emotionally and physically.


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