People say the darndest things

I was talking to my neighbor today.

We were both chatting about how we wished winning the lottery was in our futures.

I told her that last week I had the privilege of opening my boss’s mail and organizing his bar mitzvah and wedding schedule for all of the upcoming soirees him and his family would be attending.  Living the dream I told her.  Living the dream.

“I’m not saying I’m better than that….I’m just saying I want more than that.” I said to her.

Her response was perfect and meant so much to me.

“It’s okay to say you are better than that, because you are.”

She’s right.  We should all be able to say that something we are doing is not okay.  It’s not acceptable.  If you want more, if you want change you need to find it.  I’m not just talking about a job.  The bigger picture.  If you want something, don’t accept anything less than exactly what you want.

Thanks Stace!



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