Baseball and an Eating Disorder

Tyler asked me if I was getting better.  I said I was and asked what brought on the question.

He is learning about healthy eating at school and knows that I am doing my best to do just that.  He knows the word Eating Disorder and understands as much as a 10 year old needs to. For now.

This was the end of our conversation.

“Why can’t people with Eating Disorders just stop doing what they are doing?”

I tried to explain that it’s an illness and if they could they would.  He tried to understand it on his terms.

“Oh, I get it.  It’s like if someone asked me to just give up baseball.  I wouldn’t be able to for anything in the world.”

I wish my Eating Disorder was as rewarding, fun and enjoyable as baseball.  I would never give it up either.


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