What Matters?

imageI was returning something at Old Navy today. The woman infront of me was exchanging some items she bought online.

“I need a smaller size so I’m giving back the 6 and taking the 4. I’m so excited the smaller ones fit.”

The cashier said she was lucky they had her size and than said “And you are a size four. That’s all that matters. What a great feeling huh?”  They both smiled.

That’s all that matters?  Her size?

I know it was just friendly conversation, but it was the truth. Her happiness was because of two inches.

Since when did we loose sight of what really matters? So much attention on measurement and weight.  Why do we let that define our happiness?

I have heard sooooo many people tell me that their day depends on what the scale says.  At 7am you are predetermining how you feel for the next 18 hours because of a number.  A fucking number!

What really matters to you?


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