Have your cake. But don’t eat it too. Just stare at it?

I was watching a video about models.

The agent said that it is a body business.  Sad but true.

A girl could be cut from tryouts because her measurements are one inch more than the acceptable standard.

In one part of the episode, when the girl was being measured, the agent said “Aren’t you glad your mom didn’t let you have those cupcakes?”

The girl was 14.

That fucking sucks.  On so many levels.  At that very moment, she took a vulnerable, young woman and embedded in her brain something that is just not right.  Something that will make her feel insecure and can send her down an indestructible path.  She is teaching her that success is gained through strict discipline and not giving her the chance to be a kid.  To have her cake and eat it too.

I understand that’s the business.  But at what cost?




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