The Weekend

I’m away this weekend.

In London for my son’s baseball tournament.

I would usually be petrified about things like this.  Being out of my comfort zone.  Not being able to plan meals.  The usual ED crap.

But I’m not.  I’m calm.  Excited.  Happy.  Looking forward to cheering for my son who is equally as excited to have the whole family there.

And, this is living.

I remember one time we all went up to my cousin’s cottage for the day.  I packed my breakfast, my snacks even my lunch and dinner.  It is not fun to have to “explain” why you do this.  My cousin is amazing and would never question it, but in my mind I always felt like I needed to provide an explanation.

It’s exhausting.  Instead of enjoying the salad and bagels she prepared, I had to bring my “safe” foods.  The physical part is exhausting, but the emotion part even more so.

So, I will bring snacks for the whole family.  Ones we can all share.  Not my “safe” ones.




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