My next baby

This blog was a huge step for me.

To open myself up and let people into my private world was scary.  But exciting at the same time.  It was a way for me to answer questions without being asked.

I have a new adventure I am going to tackle.

I love watching and listening to documentaries.  But I haven’t found one that has had a huge impact on me or touched on the issues that I feel are important.  There are so many layers to an Eating Disorder and I want to help bring awareness to this disease.

I have just started working out the details of what I want to say, how I want to say it and who I want to help me say it.  I know this will be a long process but I want to make it a documentary that I would want to see and be inspired by.

To my many followers (thank you by the way), if you are interested in participating in any capacity (anonymously or otherwise), feel free to email me:



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