Change Rooms

OMG – they are awful.  If you ever want to hear what people really think about themselves, go into a woman’s change room for 5 minutes.  It’s actually quite sad and pitiful.

I was at H & M last night, trying to find some new work clothes.  I was in there for only a few minutes and was saddened to hear how people put themselves down.  Their friends are so positive, but those trying on the clothes point out every single thing they dislike about their body.  Their hips, their stomach, their legs, their arms.  It’s excuse after excuse after excuse.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear “I love how this outfit looks on me.  I am beautiful.”

When would we hear that?  Almost never.  And why not?

One girl in particular that I overheard was saying how big her ass looked in the dress she was trying on.  She came out to look in the full length mirror and huffed and puffed herself to a state of absolute defeat.  I glanced at her and honestly, she looked amazing.  Incredible.  Gorgeous.  She didn’t see it.  She saw something else.  I should’ve told her.  Her friend did.  But she didn’t believe her.

What I saw, wasn’t what she saw.

I know when you get drunk they often refer to your vision as Vodkagoogles.  So, when a woman goes into a change room does she put on Body Dysmorphicgoogles?

I’ll always remember one quote that I try and remember in these type of situations:

“If you talked to your friends the way you talked to your body, you’d have no friends left.”

Isn’t that the truth?  And on the flip side, if your friends talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would you be friends with someone like that?

So why is it okay for you to talk to yourself in such a negative way?


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