New Beginnings

Yep. A new job.

In the past, I had a job for 9 years, than 3 years and from there I have had a series of misfortunes.

One boss was amazing, but I there was nothing for me to do all day. And I mean nothing. Sure, it’s fun for a while, but you can only Facebook stalk people for so long.

The next job was working for someone with unrealistic expectations. I am a human. Not a robot. I was hired to do a job that she wouldn’t let me do.

I have never been someone to stay somewhere if I am not happy. So I left.  Not sure where I was going.

Last Monday I started over. Again. And it feels right. Great atmosphere. Great people. And there is work to do!  Novel idea.

If you are going to spend 8 hours a day somewhere you have to enjoy it. Not only if you are trying to  make ammends with yourself, but in gerneal.  Why should anyone have to compromise their happiness?  We all deserve that.  And I’m proud that I did something about it. Instead of just settling.

So what does going back to work mean for me?  I have been off for a few months trying once again to figure myself out.  It means being accountable.  It means getting up in the morning at a reasonable hour allowing me to see my kids off to camp (my last job had me out of the house before the kids were even up).  It means new friends, new relationships and a new start.  They don’t know my past.  It’s nice to start over again.  With that though comes the obvious “Let’s go out for lunch” invitations.  And that’s okay.  That’s part of my journey and that helps me live.  Like a normal human being.  They aren’t afraid to ask me to eat because they don’t know that I have been afraid to eat for so long.  As much as I’m pushing myself to get better and recover, it’s nice to also be pushed by people who don’t know how much they are helping.

To new beginnings.


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