Bathing Suits

I was away this weekend with the family. We went to Fallsview Waterpark. It was awesome.

Bathing suits.
Why are we so awful to ourselves?  Why do we make excuses for how we look? Why do we hide behind cover ups and T-shirts?
Why don’t we take a closer look at our kids whose carefree and happy attitude make them enjoy ever single minute?
I sat down and watched person after person poke, rub, feel, sigh and complain about their ass, thighs, stomach and any other body part that was now visible.
Taking off clothes to expose themesmselves in a bathing suit was pure torture. For them.
I didn’t see one person undress with confidence. Nobody except the kids. And the majority of men. Beer belly and all. They didn’t give a shit. They were proud, unaware and in the moment.
Don’t get me wrong. The women I watched enjoyed every minute with their kids after the de-robing. But that moment of having to take their top off was like a bad first date.

Why do we care? Why do we hide ourselves? Nobody is judging you except you. There is a lot more to you than what is seen on the surface. So why do we have to excuse ourselves for looking a certain way? That doesn’t define you. You define you.

I was no different.
I was embarrassed because my bathing suit is still loose on me. I will not buy one that fits me because I shouldn’t own one at this size. I need to fill out this one again.
And nobody was looking at me. Judging. Nobody. Everyone was involved in the fun  with their family. But I felt like all eyes were on me.

So, no matter what size we are, we judge, criticize and forget to live in the moment and focus on what is under your cover up.

Always remember and appreciate what is beneath the skin and in your heart. That is what defines you.

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