Harsh Reality

Saw this come up on a friends feed this am.

I hope that everyone who is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that😃
– Gillian Anderson


Couldn’t be more true. We have the power. I have the power. Change can happen at any point during the day. Not just st night when I’m most tempted. Or not just in the am at the start of a new day.  In that difficult moment I can make the change. I get to make the right decision.

One of my best and oldest friends sent me a message yesterday after attending a funeral for a young woman:

“Look. I’m sorry. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since this happened. I love you as do millions of others and many lives would be crushed if you didn’t get the help you needed. I don’t read your blog. I don’t ask you how you are, because you won’t tell the truth. I just want you healthy and ok forever.

You probably think I’m a super insensitive fucking asshole right now. But that’s ok with me. It’s worth it if one shred of what I wrote hits a chord. If you smoked like my mom did, I’d say the same stuff. If you were an alcoholic, I’d say the same stuff. I have very VERY deep and strong feelings about what it’s like to not have a Mom around. Consider the asshole who’s typing a 10 year old version of me who wishes hhe could go back in time and talk this way to his own Mom. Maybe she’d be here today if I opened up my mouth. Again, I’m sorry. This comes from love and love only. But I’d rather have you hate me and be around forever, than the opposite.”

Talk about a real friend. Makes the fight well worth it. And making the changes more meaningful.


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