Think Before You Speak

I organized a street BBQ with some neighbors.  It was great.  Food, shmoozing and getting to know some people we have never met.  Others we haven’t seen in a while.

One woman came up to me.  This was our conversation:

“Hi Lisa, I haven’t seen you in a while, you have lost so much weight.  Are you okay?  Health alright?”

“Yah, everything is great.  You probably always saw me either pregnant or in between pregnancies.”

“So is it just being busy with the kids and work why you are so thin?”

“No reason.”

“Well, you look great.”


In one sentence she is saying I am too skinny and am I okay?  In another she is telling me I look great.  Mixed messages much.  Luckily I am not someone that would take what she says to think that I must maintain this “great” image.  But don’t question someone’s health because they don’t look “well” in your eyes and than tell them how great they look.

Nice to ask someone how they are.  But think before you speak.


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