I participated in this online symposium Monday (see flyer below).

I was going to go in, but decided that I didn’t want to attend in person.

They had a few different women who were in recovery and/or recovered.

Some interesting quotes:

  • ED always held me back
  • I had to identify my passion
  • You have to create your own path to recovery
  • The process is retraining your brain
  • I lost my identity when I gave power to my eating disorder
  • My mom is the reason I’m alive
  • Eating Disorders don’t make sense.  If they start making sense, you are in big trouble.
  • I have a lot of resentment towards myself and what I put my family through but have more resentment toward my ED
  • My dad was really angry and my mom was really scared
  • Don’t let your mind bully your body
  • There is not much help for parents.  They need help too.
  • It shaped my life. When you listen to yourself and not the disorder you can become a better person.

Hearing other people is helpful.  Inspirational.  Scary.

I was able to connect with some new people.

I have also started my online support email group.

If you are interested, please email me




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