Why didn’t you tell me you had a bad week?

Last week my blog talked about my not so great few days.

One of my very good friends, asked me early last week how I was feeling.  I said everything was good.

After reading my blog she asked why I wasn’t honest with her.

She asks because she wants to know and she genuinely cares.

I didn’t want to tell her because sometimes I feel like a broken record.  Positive people emit positive vibes.  I know she would listen to me for hours, but I don’t want to be that person.  That person is ED.  He is the struggle.  He is the problem.  He is the one going through hell.  So I guess by telling her that I was doing good I was bringing Lisa to the surface.  Lisa is fine.  Lisa is good.  Lisa is great.  It’s ED who sucks.

I may not always tell you when I’m having a shitty day, but it simply means that ED is struggling.  ED isn’t happy.  He’s the one going through confusion and turmoil.  So he doesn’t deserve any sort of attention.

When I say everything is good.  It is.  With Lisa.  When it’s not, I promise to tell you.

I had to edit this post, with the following image that showed up on my FACEBOOK feed today.  Appropriate for today.



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