This Week

I didn’t have a great week.  Not awful, not terrible – just not one of my better weeks.

But I have to remember many things about my journey:

Eating Disorder recovery is the most difficult challenge I have ever faced and most likely will be one of the hardest things I ever do.  It’s uncomfortable and it sucks sometimes. Some days I will feel hopeless and some days I will feel on top of the world, and this is all part of the process.

There are really, really hard days when I feel as if I want to give up some days.  This is okay. This is normal.

But, please don’t worry – this will take a while.  It has to take as long as I need it to take. In recovery, you can slip backwards but then take giant leaps forward.  And I have.  I’ve been leaping so far forward that the slips can’t take me back to where I started.

So even though this week wasn’t great – I know that next week will be amazing.  And that makes me happy.  I feel such a sense of freedom when I know what the future without ED holds for me.



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